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Miller Lite's Nationally Endorsed and Nationally Touring, 7-Piece Philadelphia-Based Party Band. Launched in May 2018, the band has 3 distinctive Lead Vocalists. “Kono” (Morgan Konopelski) is a 22-year old Pop Lead Vocalist who already has 5+ years of stage shows under her belt. Hunter “H-Bomb” Strickland is a star vocalist of current hits (Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Charlie Puth) with a smoothness to his voice drawing comparisons to the Classic Motown Vocalists of old! Band Leader/Owner Joe Bachman is the Emcee of the band, the host of the “Party” and fronts all Alternative Rock and Modern Country songs! Together, this trio of lead singers along with musicians Tim Schilling (Lead Guitar/Band Leader/Music Director/Road Manager), Anthony DeSalvatore Jr (Drums/Percussion), Justin O'Brien (Bass/Vocals) and Michael Kahana (Piano/Keys/Backing Vocals) make up “The Party!” They bring a show filled with non-stop energy, positive vibes, and nothing but the hits!


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